‘The backbone, the strength’

A patient’s journey from dialysis at St. Joseph’s to transplant at St. Michael’s

April 18, 2019 – As Lauren Garraway and her mother Prema prepared for their surgeries, Lauren gave her mom a thumbs-up and said: “We’re going to come out of this laughing.”

Lauren was preparing to receive a kidney, and Prema was getting ready to donate one of hers. Though Prema and Lauren were not a match, the two were part of the National Kidney Paired Donation program. Prema would donate her kidney to another kidney patient in need, and in turn, Lauren would receive one from a stranger.

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Care without judgment

Providing care for pregnant women with addictions

April 15, 2019 – Pregnant women with addiction issues often face barriers like poverty, insecure housing and violence on top of the health risks of substance use. To make matters worse, they can be reluctant to seek out the medical care they need, says Dr. Suzanne Turner, medical director of St. Michael’s Substance Use in Pregnancy clinic.

“The majority of women with a history of substance use don’t present for prenatal care, because they’re concerned about child protection services,” says Dr. Turner, whose team won St. Michael’s 2018 Values in Action social responsibility award for their work. “That’s a huge barrier, but if we can get them into the clinic, we tell them their health is first and foremost, and we have social workers working with child protection to ensure the best outcomes for everyone.”

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Getting to the root of why

Better techniques help doctors and staff manage responsive behaviours

April 2, 2019 – Teams across Unity Health Toronto say training programs on managing responsive behaviours, which can include cursing and resistance to essential care, are having immediate and positive benefits. People with complex mental health, dementia and other neurological conditions may exhibit responsive behaviours, which are verbal and non-verbal actions that try to communicate what someone wants or feels.

“We’ve heard that staff feel safer, more confident and better equipped to compassionately care for patients and residents after participating in this training – which also helps support our workplace violence prevention strategies,” said Mitch Birken, senior director of Human Resources Consulting.

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Eliminating barriers with technology

Cover of April 2019 Our Shared Purpose newsletterEnhancing equity and access in health care by virtually connecting patients and providers

April 1, 2019 – Clinicians are breaking down geographic, social-economic, and psychosocial barriers that traditional in-person treatments create by simply sitting in front of a computer and reaching across the province to someone who needs their support.

Telepractice – a specific application of telemedicine for the delivery of speech language pathology – helped Amber Risk, a trans woman living in North Bay, access voice feminization therapy. This service isn’t provided in her home town but is available almost four hours away at St. Michael’s.

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