It’s official – we have a network name!

After months of focus groups, surveys, feedback forms and many other consultations, we are incredibly excited to share with you our new network name …


Going home without cancer

A new clinic that’s treating some skin cancers in a
single day

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A clinic that treats some skin cancers in a single day has opened at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. Using the Mohs micrographic surgery procedure — which is named after Dr. Frederic Mohs, who pioneered the procedure — the physician removes cancerous growths and tests the tissue on the spot, repeating the process if necessary until the tumour is removed entirely.

“Basal cell and squamous cell are the most common forms of skin cancer, and that’s what we treat,” says Dr. Erin Dahlke, the St. Joseph’s dermatologist who leads the new Mohs clinic, in partnership with the hospital’s Medical Education Teaching Clinic.

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Breaking barriers

New research appointment recognizes nurses and health disciplines

Cecilia Santiago, who started her career at St. Michael’s as a critical care nurse, has always had the research bug. Even though she felt supported by the hospital’s long-standing culture of innovation, there was a gap.

“For frontline staff, research isn’t our primary role but it is key to evidence based practice” she said. “Previously doing and integrating research into our practice wasn’t always possible or prioritized.” Now, that will change.

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Move to improve

Early rehabilitation in critical care the focus of pilot project

For patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, early mobility can be a key factor to a successful recovery.

Now a pilot project underway at St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s will study how to implement early mobility in the ICU environment and provide a standardized toolkit of best practices to critical care units across the province.

The Provincial Early Rehabilitation in Critical Care (PERCC) initiative is a partnership between St. Michael’s and Critical Care Services Ontario.

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Education and equity are touchstones for our new network board members

The board of directors for Providence Healthcare, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s is pleased to welcome two distinguished new members to its ranks: Denise O’Neil Green and Kamala Jean Gopie. They will bring their extensive experience in education, equity and community engagement and their commitment to inclusion and compassion to help support our network’s mission and values.

We are proud to welcome Denise and Kamala Jean to our network community.

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Strategic planning – building our network’s future together

September 2018

For more than a century, our network’s three sites have been compassionate organizations that continually strive to provide the best quality of care for our patients, residents and families. Our organizations have come together as one, so we can build on what makes us unique and special – our shared history and legacy founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto to care for the for the most marginalized or disadvantaged in our community.

We are building on these strong roots, and creating a shared Mission and Values for our network that will be foundational to our journey together and continue to guide us as we push beyond the art of the possible and plan for our future.

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August 1, 2018: Happy anniversary to us!

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April 2017: Proposal for integration between Providence Healthcare, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital submitted to LHIN

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