Frequently Asked Questions

About our new network

  1. What are the benefits of our integration between the three hospitals?

As Catholic health-care organizations, the hospitals share a common mission and values centred around caring for the patient, especially those who experience marginalization and disadvantage. Together we can enhance access and improve quality for everyone we care for through a health network that now offers the full spectrum of primary care, secondary community care,  tertiary and quaternary care and post-acute through rehabilitation, palliative care and long–term care.

This partnership will also enhance our academic and research missions and ability to spread innovation and new knowledge to the care we provide through a more comprehensive experience for our learners in clinical placements and rotations which include exposure to both community-based, tertiary care and post-acute care environments. We will also establish a significant advocacy role for this new health network within the City of Toronto and Toronto Central LHIN for community population health, specifically focused on greater access to housing, nutrition and mental health services for the marginalized populations served.


  1. Can other organizations join our health network?

Providence, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s were all founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph’s, so we have a cultural similarity and many of the same values, however, we are open to having other, non‐denominational organizations join our health network. Each organization remains open to other partnerships.


  1. What will our new network be called?

We have been operating under the banner of Our Shared Purpose (Providence, St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s), which has resonated well across the three organizations. A new name and brand would require an extensive consultation and review process with all our stakeholders. We will let you know when we reach that stage.


  1. Are we going to be looking at any clinical integration? Are there efficiencies in clinical services being considered?

There are no immediate plans for clinical integration. Our integration is about creating a health network with a single governance and management model and finding efficiencies in shared support services.



Executive structure, Committees

  1. Where can I find the new organization chart and inaugural Board of Directors?

A new executive structure and Board of Directors, effective August 1, 2017, is posted on this website under About Us.


  1. Will the organizations’ foundations be partnering as well?

A partnership between the foundations is not part of this integration. The foundations will continue to operate separately with their own presidents and boards of directors.


  1. What is happening with our hospitals’ Medical Advisory Committee structures?

This is the preferred medical staff model that was agreed upon by the medical staff working group leads. There is one Medical Advisory Committee (and one Medical Staff Association) reporting to the Board of Directors with two sub-committees of the MAC.

Our Shared Purpose MAC structure

Diagram showing Our Shared Purpose Medical Advisory Committee structures. The St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s & Providence MAC subcommittees would report to the Medical Advisory Committee. The composition of the MAC is the two MAC subcommittee chairs, chief of department (Providence site), and other members (TBD.) The MAC reports to the Board, which is composed of the chair, MAC, vice-chair, MAC, vice-president Medical Staff Association, and the VP, MSA.


  1. Where can I find information about our new network on an ongoing basis?

We will post the latest news, the monthly Our Shared Purpose newsletter and other information you need to know on this website.