Strategic planning

Developing a Strategic Plan for our Network

We are excited to embark on developing a new strategic plan for our health network.

Why now?

The timing is right. It’s been a year since we’ve come together as a network and we’ve made much progress in terms of integration. Tim has joined us as our new president and CEO ready to lead us into the future.

Externally, the health system is changing. We have a new government. There are advances in technology and approaches to care. Our patients and communities are more engaged in their care.

Strategic planning will help us understand the changing environment, describe a vision of what health care will look like in the future, and develop a plan to get us there together.


The work is already underway! The following phases of work describe the overall journey. This will evolve as our work together progresses, so please check back here often for updates and news.

Building the foundation: our mission and values

July to September

  • Staff and public engagement: mission and values survey
  • Aug 1: one-year anniversary of our integration – mission and values day
  • Mission on the Move – consultations across our sites
  • Targeted stakeholder engagement

September to October

  • Finalize our mission and values
  • Approvals

Understanding our environment and what the future might look like

August to October

  • Exploring strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats
  • Understanding the changing external environment and health system
  • Develop a picture of what the health system might look like in the future
  • Develop options for a single Vision Statement for our Network

Engagement consultation and testing

October to December

  • Engage our stakeholders (staff, physicians, patients, communities) on a potential vision statement
  • Develop and test strategic themes and directions
  • Based on consultations, develop a draft plan and roadmap for the future

Finalizing our strategy

November to January

  • Further consultations on draft directions
  • Work to finalize the strategic plan
  • Approvals
  • Prepare across the network for launch of strategic plan